Lineage 2 Drop Calculator Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne (Korean: 리니지 2) is a fantasy massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for the PC, and a prequel set 150 years before Lineage. It has become very popular since its October 1, 2003 launch in South Korea, reporting 610,918 unique users during the month of March 2007.

Players create a character as their avatar in the game's medieval-style virtual world. Humans, Elves and Dark Elves start off in the Kingdom of Aden while Dwarves and Orcs start off in the Kingdom of Elmore (Elmore was an entirely different continent until recent versions of the game that have since joined Elmore to Aden). Players can choose from either fighter or mystic professions at the start, except for Dwarves and Kamael which are only able to select the fighter profession. This choice acts as an archetype for later profession options. Each race has its own set of classes, even if humans, elves and dark elves have a lot of classes which are very similar to their counterparts in the other two races. Players have a variety of things they can do for fun in the game. They play alone or as part of a group to fight monsters and complete quests for new skills, experience points, and items. Player versus player (PvP) is a significant portion of the game. The game provides many social, political, and economic aspects which are developed through the community and by the actions, in-game, of single players. Lineage II features siege warfare like the original. To make sure PvP stays under control, the design includes a Karma system that provides negative consequences for killing other players when they are not fighting back. Lineage II features greatly improved third-person 3D graphics over its predecessor. The game uses the Unreal 2.0 Engine developed by Epic Games. -Source: Wikipedia.

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V.2.011.5357 Gracia

Lineage 2 Drop Calculator
  Torfe  (Monster)
Level 49  Passive

ID: 20222   Gender: male   Undead: False   Drop Herbs: false  

HP 2168   Exp 3025  
MP 799   Sp 223  

P. Atk 529   M. Atk 247  
P. Def 245   M. Def 219  
Atk. Spd 278   Casting Spd 333  
Walk Spd 70   Run Spd 174  
AI fighter   Attack Range 40  
HP Reg 17.38   MP Reg 2.14  
Col.Radius 15.00   Col.Height 29.00  

STR 40   DEX 30   CON 43  
INT 21   WIT 20   MEN 10  
Beasts 3 They are animals who prey on humanoids for food. Some of them are mythological creatures that existed before the origins of humanity.
Blunt Weapon Weak Point 1 Vulnerable to Blunt Weapons.
Higher Resist Bow/Crossbow Weapons 2 Highly resistant to Bow/Crossbow attacks.
Hold 4 You are immobilized, as if rooted to the ground by an unseen force.
HP Increase (2x) 10
NPC HP Drain 4 none
Resist Daggers/Rapier Weapon 3 Resistant to Dagger/Rapier attacks.
Silence 4 Instantly blocks magic skills.
Slightly Strong M. Atk. 12
Slightly Strong M. Def. 13
Slightly Strong P. Atk. 12
Slightly Weak P. Def. 10


Adena NG 737 - 1504 70%
Great Helmet C 1 1/8929
Knight's Shield C 1 1/6211
Great Helmet Material C 1 1/121
Knight's Shield Fragment C 1 1.0819%
Dwarven Chain Shield C 1 1/5747
Dwarven Chain Shield Fragment C 1 1/104
Greater Healing Potion NG 1 2.2537%
Thread NG 1 20.2835%
Silver Nugget D 1 4.0568%
Mithril Ore C 1 2.0284%
Metallic Fiber C 1 2.8977%
Recipe: Composite Armor Recipe C 1 1/1577
Recipe: Demon's Gloves Recipe C 1 1/242
Enria B 1 1/591
Life Stone: level 49 NG 1 1/758
Mid-Grade Life Stone: level 49 NG 1 1/3788


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